Trip Report Thursday July 11th Day 3 of WSOP Main Event

I tried to sleep in the best I could, I finally got to bed around 2am. Of course this still didn’t work for me, I was awake by 5am as there was a massive thunderstorm that rolled into vegas and woke me up.

I took a look online to see if the table draws had been released yet, and I was still waiting for them.

By 8am I had the data I was looking for. Quad Jacks somewhat failed me though, as their tracker software had people missing from the table. I took to the phone and did some research to see what was going on.

I_MG_9912 was not the table chip leader. We had a Russian at the table with more than 300k. I was second in chips though with 231,500 and the tourney chip average was only 108,000.

The only name I knew was Greg Mueller. Ex Hockey Player, turned poker pro. Known for spending more on massages during the WSOP than a main event buy in. I don’t really know him, but I did get a chance to rail him and Daniel Negreanu back in 2009 when they went deep in the 10k 7 Card Stud Event. I got a bunch of pics, but this one stood out to me as he looked pissed I was taking photos of him.

Notice the girl giving him a massage.

I am first to arrive at the table, and all our chips are still in bags.  We have to wait for at least a second person to arrive before we can open them up.


IMG_0003We get that second person to show, and I dump my bag.  I love this shot of all my chips just dumped on the table.  Not my peak of the tournament but I enjoy the chip photos as you have most likely picked up on,  and this one seemed good enough to make the title photo of the blog.

He shows up, is all smiles, having a great time.

My day starts out kinda slow.  I made a move with air, and got popped by another player at the table.  I thought about sticking with it, but let it go.  He showed the bluff as well and I was down to around 205K.

I was then dealt 22 and saw a min raised pot with the Russian and Mueller.  Flop came 2sXsXs and Mueller bet out for 3K.  I loved the flop, but hated the idea of seeing a turn or river.  He bet 3k and I bumped it up to 25K.  He let it go and I was back to 225,700K

IMG_0012IMG_0011So Mueller calls over a massage girl to start working on him very early in the first level.  I look over and notice ITS THE SAME GIRL FROM 4 YEARS AGO!!! The camera crews are all over this today for some reason.  Pokernews came over to do a story on massages with her later in the day and they were using a bunch of the footage from her working on Mueller.  So 4 years later, I pretty much have the same picture of the same two folks.

Good times

I am still feeling this table out, and playing somewhat slow.  I get into a couple bad hands where I just barely came up second best.  I lost J9 < J10 where J was second pair on the board.  (Down to 204,400)    I picked up some blinds and antes, and then lost another mid sized pot to take me down to 189,500.

I was getting frustrated, so what else was there to do, but to declare Miller Time and get some lucky beer level going.

Just before the break I won a small one to go to 195,000, and then was dealt QQ and took down the hand with a four bet bringing myself back to 209,400.   I was not happy at all with my play that level, but I was glad that my stack did not take too much of a beating.  When I looked at the count of players left we were around 1500+ but we had lost over 200 players in two hours.

When we came back from the break, I again got QQ and got it all in pre flop against 44.  Again not a huge stack, but I was happy with the knockout which took my stack back above the day’s start and I had 242,700 IMG_0015

I kept the run good going but as more and more people were busting the break order was getting closer and closer.  I am up to 249,300 just before we break and I get moved from Brazillia over to the Amazon Room.


Greg Muler was kinda funny in that he was vocal about how disappointed he was that we were breaking.  He said we had a “lot of ticky tackys here at this table”  He immediately came over to me and shook my hand and said it was nice playing with you after he said this.  He was obviously joking around with me, and wished me luck.

I get to my new table and it looks like one young internet pro and a bunch of recreational players.  There is one big stack that has me covered, but not by much.  Just as I settle in and tweet how much I like my new table draw I get out of line with KJ.  I raised pre and got 5 callers.  Flop came out  QJ8 and I put out a continuation bet, all but one let it go.  Turn is a blank and we go check check.  He bet out 22k on the blank river and I made the call thinking he was making a move.  He flipped over AQ and I was down to around 200k.

I was up and down a bit from 200 –> 210  and then finished the level at 195,000 to go on break.   I figured I needed some type of boost so again I went to the snickers and posted the photo when we got back to it.


Sure enough, I sit down and win the first hand back taking me back up to 210,000.

At this point in the day the table changed drastically.  We went from 7-8 recreational players to 1-2 of them as they all busted and were replaced by guys I didn’t know, but lots of headphones and hoodies.

Shortly after this, I get into the biggest hand of the tournament for me against the only stack at the table that has me covered.  I called an open of a min raise with Ah7x.   The flop comes out 7h4h2x.  I am first to act and check.  The original raiser puts out a continuation bet of 8k.  I raised him to 25k and he calls.  Turn is a black 3.  I bet 40k.  He thinks about it for a long while and makes the call.  At this point, I know I am not good, but I have the A of hearts and if we can get a third heart on the river I should be able to steal this thing.  Out comes the river 6h!  Here we go.  I grab a big old stack of yellow chips, put a few orange ones on top and push it out to the middle.  65k is the bet.  He is pissed, he goes into the tank for a good two or three minutes, but he convinced himself that I had the hearts based on my check raise on the flop. He finally let it go, and I showed the Ah.  He mumbled for a good ten minutes that he folded a big pocket pair, and he only called while he knew he was ahead, but let it go when he knew he was behind.IMG_0024

IMG_0025After this hand I looked down and I had 355,500.

I was feeling pretty good, not the chip leader at the table, but was having fun, had that bluff not worked I would have had about 70k left, but that hand was a game changer for me.

I slowed down for a while and was not picking up many hands.  I lost a little bit, but then looked down at 77.  I managed to call an all in of 63k as the last to act.  Was hoping for a flip but he turned over KK.  Board ran out dry, and next thing I know I am back to 265,000.  I was feeling a little too good as I somehow managed to get it all in preflop 77 < KK against a 63k stack.  I still had 265k.

Last two levels of the night after dinner.  When we get back I declare lucky beer level.  Shortly after I look down at AA.  There is an open, and I open at the 1500-3000/500 level to 7.5k.  We get two callers, and then a three bet to 27.5k by the biggest stack at the table.   It gets back to me and I slide out an additional 100k stack of orange chips.  Everyone lets it go, including the big stack.  This is now the 6th time in the tourney I have had AA. and I am 6 for 6.  Chip stack is back up to 294,000.

Lucky beer level keeps going pretty well for me as I chipped back up to 343,000 with little to report.  Only hand I mentioned on twitter was getting 77, raising and taking it down for a fairly small pot.

Just as I was tweeting that my table had mostly pros, and one dirty old man making comments I look down at KK.  Get ready for it, this will be the biggest hand of the tourney for me, and I am not happy the way I played it.   I can’t remember if it was opened to 12.5k or three bet to 12.5, but when it came back to me, I re-raised it up to 40k. The dirty old man thought about it for a while, and made the call.  Flop came Q26.   He checked and I checked behind.  Turn is a J.  He checks and I bet 35k.  He raises me to 70k.    This is where I just can’t believe I didn’t think about things a bit better.  I made the call, but should have thought about what he could have had so I could figure out what I was going to do on the river.  The river comes another 6 and he goes all in for 137k.  I put him on AQ and made the call way too fast.  When I look back at it, I needed to put him on QQ or JJ, as these are really the only hands that make sense.  When I play the hand back in my head AQ is most likely going to let it go preflop for 40k.   This is a massive hit to my stack as he flips over QQ.  I have 111,500 now and we have just over 2 hours left to play.

IMG_0045 IMG_0044Here is my stack, and here is what that pot looked like sitting in front of DOM.

I have been watching the player count like a hawk and we were getting pretty close.  This was not what I wanted to do to my stack before the bubble.  I was in a great spot to steal a lot of blinds and antes on day four before the KK hand.  Now I had to navigate my way in the 2000-4000/500 level with ~25 big blinds.  Not in danger, but not really loving it either.

I didn’t see much for the rest of the level, and I had to let a couple of hands go on the flop.  I was down to 75k on the last break.

We went on the last break of the night, and of course I got another miller light for lucky beer level (actual last level of the day lucky beer level)   First hand back I picked up AQ and check raised the Q high flop to take down the pot, boosting my stack to 115,500.  LUCKY BEER LEVEL.


Things slowed down in the last level.  We were busting more than one player a minute in level 14.  Now on level 15 we got to the point where there was 72 minutes left in the level and we were 71 people from hitting the money.  It seemed within reach, but the bubble historically has occurred on day 4, but we were down a little bit from last year, and apparently one of the levels was removed/changed, from last year.

We found out on twitter that it wasn’t happening for sure on day 3 as WSOP had no one on  hand to pay people.  So if it had gotten that close, I have a feeling they would have ended the night early, since even playing to the bubble could be problematic if they can’t pay people.

Not much else happened for me this last level.  I worked to keep my stack right about where it was.  I picked up a few small pots, and at the end of the day I had 97,000.  Not how I wanted to end day 3 after peeking out around 355,000, but I made day 4.  We were only 18 players from making the money.  When I see the chip stacks of the players remaining, there are more than 90 that have a smaller stack than I have.

Walking out of the amazon room I bumped into Greg Mueller as I was heading down the hallway.  We chatted briefly about how our day had ended, and he gave me some advice for after the bubble.

IMG_0053IMG_0050Knowing that I am this close, and after the day I had, I could not sleep, so what did I do?  I decided I wanted to go throw some dice at 2am over at the gold coast.

There is a story there, that involves a tree knocking me down to the pavement. Maybe I will add it into day 4, as this day 3 story is way overdue.



  1. Moar!! Love your story…well written and I can’t wait for the next installment…tough break with the KK but I might find the fold button on the turn and DEF fold river to a shove…#valuetown

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