Trip Report – Wed July 10th Day 2C of the WSOP Main Event

I stayed in bed, trying to sleep but awake for most of the morning. I finally got up cleaned up, and ate some food at the Rio, and headed back to my Day 2C seat. Not before I blow my nose and BAM bloody nose #1 of the trip. Last year I ran into bloody nose problems as well, but I have had such a terrible sinus infection the entire trip thus far. I managed to get it under control after about 10 minutes, and just had to be super careful not to blow it, or touch it for the rest of the day.

I was able to take advantage of a lot of the new chip count integration stuff going on. QuadJacks built a tracker that really made this cool. I was able to get a feel for who was at my Table.
Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.08.53 PM
Lets take a look at some of these names.
Amit Makhija – @amak316 – $130k in cashes in 2013 WSOP. Played the $111,111 One Drop, $176k in cashes in 2012, and $226k in WSOP cashes in 2010. Great. Super. All I can say is thank god he is on my right.
Salvador Dicarlo – $189k in cashes just this summer. Took 3rd in a $1500 event.
Yuri Dzivielevski – $109k in 2011 for some big tourney he took 3rd in Brazil
Steven Kelly – $404k in WSOP 2010, Bracelet Winner in the $1500 Shootout
Mark Redding – Yep, thats me. Just in case you forgot, of you need to remember how the heck I am playing in the WSOPME — Trip Report – I am playing Day 1C of the 2013 WSOP Main Event! (

Looking at my table online, there were millions in earnings sitting around me, and all that they could find on me was a $632 cash from a WSOPC event in 2011. Quad Jacks Tracker was great for helping me figure out who people were and I thought I would use it again if I made Day 3.
IMG_0003IMG_0006As we took our seats I wasn’t all that worried about anyone other than Steven Kelly as he was the only stack at the table that had me covered. I almost had 1.5 times as many chips as Amit and Salvador.

I had a slow start to the day, and was down below 60k before I played my first hand. I was dealt AK, opened the pot, was popped all in by a short stack. I made the call, AK > 1010 and my stack is back to 74k.

I decided I was going to loosen up early and get my lucky beers flowing. Within minutes of having that first Miller Light arrive at the table. I was dealt AA for the fourth time in the tourney and it held up for a good sized pot. Up to 105k. Pocket AA is now 4 for 4 for me in the main.

Last hand before the break I won another big hand with 1010 vs K5 aipf against another shorty and was at 122k on the first break of the day. I keep getting involved with short stacks. I did make an effort to avoid the big stacks, and pick off the shorties when I had a hand. This has been working quite well for me as I am winning flips against the shorties and never putting myself in all that much risk.

IMG_0007 IMG_0008

At this point I was the table chip leader. Another cool thing that they had going this year was the use of the “My Stack” application on the iPhone. I was able to update my stack into this application, and see where I ranked among others that were being tracked, and or others that were updating their stack as well. At this point, I was almost on the first page of names.
My stack was large compared to the rest of the table, and I kept getting into pots with short stacks which allowed me to put them to the test. Any time they bet into me, I was able to slide out my stack of orange chips and put them to the test. Most of the time I had it, but others I got a speech that in any other tourney they would call me in this spot, but not in the WSOP main. I really tried to not get into huge pots with chip leaders, but also to apply as much pressure when I had a strong starting hand or caught a piece of a flop anytime it got heads up with shorties. This worked very well for me and I chipped up to 135k. And then to 138,500.
IMG_0009I then played a big pot with AKdd. The flop came J72dd. A mid sized stack of ~30k shoved all in on the flop. I thought about it for a while, and made the call. He flipped over 1010, and after looking at the hand calculator I feel alright about the call. IMG_0010The board bricked and I doubled him up, and my stack was back down to 105,000.
At this point 105k is still a huge stack at the table. I was able to use it to my advantage without really playing any hands and move my stack right back to 121k without tweeting any hands of importance.
I again got into a hand with a shorty with QhQx vs 1010 where he flopped 8910hhh. The 3h hit the turn and the river did not pair the board and I was right back to the 135,000 chip mark.
I got into a big hand with Amit. I was holding 79dd in a 6 way min raised pot and the flop came 678hhh. He bet the flop, I raised and he shoved for around 40k. I tanked for a little while, but I put him on a hand like AK, AQ. I called and he showed A2hh. I was pretty much drawing to runner runner. First big misstep of the tourney that cost me a good portion of my chips for me. This knocked my stack back to 95k.
Within minutes of making this mistake, I get QQ, open the pot, and a 13k stack from @davidv1213 David Vamplew (~$3 million in tourney winnings) shoves all in. I call with QQ and he flips over AJxx. He turned the A and doubled through. At this point I was down to 80,900. Told myself I needed to turn it around from here.
I opened a hand with AQ and had a 20k stack shove into me. It just felt like AQ was good. I made the call and AQ > AJ for another knockout and taking my stack back to a much more comfortable 115,000.
A little bit later I look down at 55 and call an open to see a flop. Two way pot and out comes a beautiful flop of AA5. Check check on flop, I bet 15k on the turn. He shoved for the rest and I called. He showed A8. The turn and river bricked and this took me to 141k while busting another player.
As I am writing this, it is very apparent now, that short stacks just kept shoving into me when I had a hand. Next hand I played I took out another short stack with 1010 > AQ aipf for 10k and now I was up to 150k.
Doubled a short stack yet again in the same QQ < AJ situation. He flopped an A. This again was a short stack that didn’t hurt my stack too much. I went to dinner with 134,900.
Dinner breaks are somewhat of a madhouse. All the restaurants are full, and the line at the food spot over by the sports book was insane. I chose to pick up a fruit tray at Starbucks and go back to my room and eat it.
That was when I saw this from Phil, it seemed fun to play back at him. I like Phil, I think he is great for the game, but he does love to tell everyone how amazing he has it. Phil is in the same room with me. He is not all that far away, and I have to pass his table every time I get up to run to the restroom. There is action at his table with a massive rail, as well as the camera crew pretty much constantly for all 10 hours of play.
Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.49.42 PM
IMG_0012The fruit tray was actually pretty good! I got some quite in the room, and took the super hot Rio elevator back downstairs for the final two levels of the day.
I started chipping up after dinner with no hands to report. Just winning pots, and my stack was up to 169k. I actually didn’t report a single hand of mention to twitter over a two hour span. Just kept updating the ‘My Stack’ application with small increments where I took down the pot with no contest. Was using my stack to my advantage. Opening pots, making continuation bets and raking in pots.
So I have pretty much been drinking a beer a level all day just to stay a little loose. This is one very two hours, so we are not going nuts or anything. Last level of the night my stack was at 161,600. Amit declared that last level of the night is always lucky beer level for him, and since I had been already drinking, I figured I needed to get in on this. I declare Miller Time. So we both ordered beers and all I can say is wow it worked for both of us.

IMG_0013Within minutes of getting that beer, I was dealt AA yet again at this point, and won a very good sized pot to take me to 223k. (We are now 5 for 5 with AA in the tourney)

I gotta say, while I wasn’t thrilled to double him up in the hand where I called drawing to runner runner, but sitting next to Amit made the day pretty fun. He was pretty easy going, friendly , and just made the day flow by pretty easy. I somewhat learned that lucky beer level is only supposed to be the last level of the day, but I may stick what worked for me.
Used my stack at the end of the day and continued to chip up. I finished the day, bagging 231,500. What an amazing end to the day. The last two levels, I always had it. I was flopping the world, and winning pots. I didn’t really slow play anything, and we didn’t see many hands to the river for showdowns, but my chip stack grew slow and steady all day.
Here is some end of the day chip stacks.
IMG_2538 IMG_2539
Day 3 may take me a week or so to get posted. There was a LOT of play / hands and I want to cover it all, but this week is crazy hectic for me. I will do my best to get it up when time permits.






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