Trip Report Day 3 – Tuesday July 9th – My Day off while Day 2A and 2B play

This is Day 2A 2B of the Main event.  I have the day off.  I haven’t spent much time with my dad yet, since I have been playing poker pretty much non stop since we arrived in Vegas.  We we make a point to hang out all day.
I made a call over to United Airlines to cancel my flight home Wed morning.  I was supposed to fly back home around 6am on Wed.  When I called they told me that they were happy to help me with the transaction and based on their records, I would get a $147 credit for my flight.  Sounds good.  Here comes the kicker.  All I have to do is pay the $200 transfer / modification fee when I go to rebook in order to get my credit.    So all in all, I would owe them $53 if I wanted to use my credit.  Great.  perfect, well executed.
I had never been to Aria, and wanted to see it so we hopped in a cab to check it out.  It was Tuesday morning in Vegas, and Aria just didn’t seem all that exciting.  We were not impressed.  We were thought that we would go see Zartaina, but after going there, we were not sure.  We hopped in a cab, and went up to Bellagio.  Sat down and played some $10 blackjack for a while with my dad at Bellagio.  Bought in for $100 and cashed out for $100.  Not much happened there, just having some fun.  We needed to eat so we went to he spot next to the floral gardens (my wife does like calla lilyies) and sat down for a meal.
While we were playing blackjack someone at the table mentioned the Michael Jackson One show over at Mandalay bay.  I went over the concierge to figure out what type of tickets we could get.  We picked up two tickets for the 7:30 show.
We decided to go play some low limit craps.  We hopped in a cab for  Casino Royal 20x odds, $3 table.
This was going to be fun, so I thought.  20X odds, I buy in for $200 and am ready to light this table on fire.  We have made the Casino Royal a standard pit stop every year for my dad and myself when we come for the WSOP.  The craps tables are super low limit, and the cocktail waitress can bring you 10 miller lights in 30 minutes if you can drink them that fast.  The dealers are rude, say super crude things and its not a very friendly establishment at all.   Normally we love it.
I hop in and start betting heavy quickly.  I’m putting $30 on the 6 and 8 while playing $3 pass line bets with $40 behind.  We roll through half the table making a point and then rolling a seven.  I’m down $200 before I even shoot.   Out came another $200 to try at it again.  I get the dice and decide I am going to roll a heater.  Almost put the entire $200 across the felt, and BAM 7-OUT.  Pull out another $200.  I have been at this table less than 10 minutes.  This is not what I meant by lighting the table on fire.  All my money is burning up on it.  We had a couple people make points, but this table never got going.  I somehow managed to pull a total of $1,200 out onto this table in the course of an hour or so.
I called it quits, while my dad just kinda looked at me like what the hell are you doing.  This is a $3 table.  He said to me, if you wanted to bet like that we should have stayed at the Bellagio.  They wouldn’t be making comments at us like these dealers over there.
I managed to hit for $100 on a slot machine while my dad was still playing craps.  When he went to cash out, I hit again for $100.  We then got the hell out of there and drove over to Mandalay Bay for the show.
Of course we didn’t manage our time very well and were running late, so we had to grab something quick.  We picked up a sandwich and a yogurt before the show.
This show was amazing.  I like the circ de soleil shows and this one did not disappoint as they really integrated the music from Michael into the show and did some crazy cool things with it.  If you are in Vegas I would highly recommend this show.  Tickets were around $308 for the two of us and we were pretty far back, but it was the best they had since we got them 4 hour prior to show time.
From here we took a cab to the Palms, played some more craps and blackjack.  Lost about $200 at those tables, and then called it a night back over to the Rio.  I needed to try and sleep as I had day 2C of the Main the next day.
All in all it was a pretty fun day except for whatever the heck happened at Casino Royal.  I have never really had a blow up like that before at the craps table.  Told myself not to let it happen again, and moved on.
My dad woke up around 5am as he was flying home to Cleveland early that morning.  We went to sleep around 1am, and up at 5 ready for Day 2C.
Once I was awake I couldn’t sleep.  I stayed in bed and rested, but was on my phone most of the morning, looking up table draws, and chatting with my friends back on the east coast.
Stay Tuned.  Day 2C of the main I have a bit more hand history to and #chipporn to include.  I was not quite as sleep deprived and I remember the days a bit better.

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