Trip Report – I am playing Day 1C of the 2013 WSOP Main Event!

Lets just say this again.  I am playing in Day 1C of the 2013 WSOP Main Event!  I am a low stakes player, mostly play in two home games.  I am just a normal  dad that gets to go to Borgata to play in a $300 or $500 maybe once a quarter if I am lucky. When I play cash, its at a 1-2NL table.   I have put the WSOP ME on my bucket list as something I wanted to play at least once in my life.  I have somehow just turned my $235 into $12k+ and a shot at playing this thing!!
Lets go back to that phone call with my wife.  I “told her the good news”.  The first thing she said to me was, you just won twelve thousand dollars, but you going to take ten of it an buy into a poker tournament?  I responded with “yes, yes I am.  I don’t know when I will ever get this opportunity again in my life.”  She said sounds good  have fun, and I walked into the line for tournament registration.
Before my trip, we had talked about the potential of me winning a seat in the Main and what that would mean if I made day 2.  We basically said we would cross that bridge when we got there, since it wasn’t all that likely.  At this point I did mention to her, that making day 2 would mean that I would miss my 6am flight home on Wed.  She just kinda rolled with it.
So I had just under 4 hours to try and rest, but that wasn’t working for me.  I went to the room, shut the blinds, and tried to fall asleep, but between the constant buzz of my phone, and the big day ahead all I could do was try to rest a bit before I got back down there to play some more poker.
I got cleaned up, threw on another green shirt, went downstairs at the Rio and followed a similar routine to my previous day getting food before playing the deep stack.  Noon was getting closer, so I made my way back to the Brasilia Room and took my seat in the main.
IMG_2462 IMG_2467
My table draw shows seems fine.  No one recognizable, Jennifer Tilly is one table behind me (you can see her in the photo of me at the table), so we have a lot of cameras in our area, but they are focused on her.
I pick up AA twice in the first level but went from 30–> 35 –> 31 –> 26 –> 34.7 all in the first two hours of play.  I was not comfortable at all at the table, I was tired, and playing super tight in the 50-100 level, and I decided I needed to loosen up a bit and get some beers flowing.  Start of lucky beer level. I always see one of our east coast pros Mike M. picking up a snickers or something of the sorts, so I busted that one out as well.
Second level I called a larger than normal three bet with QQ to see a flop.  I flopped top set, and got it all in on the turn after we went check check on the flop.  He had AA, and I took my stack up to 45k.
We are at the 150-300 level.  I get dealt JJ UTG.  I opened got one caller, then it was 3 bet, then it was four bet , then it was five bet.  I let it go preflop as there were still 3 people to act behind me.  It never was raised again while four people did see a flop. The flop came J high and they played a 100k pot.  Would have liked to have seen that flop for an extra 4500.  A set of Jacks was good enough to win that hand.  I was frustrated after the hand, but didn’t want to see the hand escalate more with the three and four bettors still left to act.  I was behind in that hand pre flop as we saw AA (from the 5 bet) win the pot.
Another 20 minutes went by when I opened with AJ.  A < 10K stack shoved with 1010.  It folded back around to me and I called,  flopped an A and knocked him out.  Up to 50K or so at this point.
We came back from dinner on Day one with 48,050, and I got involved with AK of diamonds. He shoved preflop in front of me for about 17K and I called.  He showed AA.  I hit the flush on the turn and I was up to 66k
I chipped up to around 70k and got involved in a big hand late in the night.  I had the nut straight, and put a guy to a test for his tournament.  He wanted to call but managed to let it go.   I finished day 1 with 72,225.  I am very happy to double my starting stack on the first day.
At this point we bagged up around 12:52am Vegas Time.    I have been awake sine 5am eastern standard time the previous day.  This puts me being awake 47 hours straight.  I was really starting to struggle in the two levels after dinner break.  My focus was not there, I played super tight and just tried to keep building my stack without getting into any huge pots with any other big stacks.
I did send a text to my wife to let her know that I would not be coming home as initially planned at 2pm on Wed.  We were playing Day 2C on wed starting at noon Vegas time.
I got back to the room around 2am and did get some sleep this night.  I was up around 7am the next morning, and had the day off from poker to hang out with my dad.
Will post my day off tomorrow.

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